Effectiveness of Korea Red Ginseng in Erectile Dysfunction-Multi-National Approach
Effectiveness of Korea Red Ginseng in Erectile Dysfunction-Multi-National Approach
Journal of Ginseng Research. 1999. Dec, 23(4): 247-256
  • Published : December 01, 1999
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Choi, Hyung Ki
Choi, Young Deuk
Adaikan, P. Ganesan
Jiang, Yu

Ginseng has been used in maintaining physical vitality throughout the far-eastern countries and recently its metabolism and actions on neurologic, cardiovascular, and endocrinologic systems are studied. Korean red ginseng (KRG) has been used in various ailments, and to prove its efficacy for erectile dysfunction an international study on Asians other than Korean was performed. Patients with borderline organic and psychogenic erectile dysfunction were included. KRG were given daily, and placebo were given as controls. Treatment lasted a total of 3 months. Surveys including libido, erection, ejaculation, sexual activity, and sexual satisfaction were given. Serum testosterone and erectile function study were taken. Among the 64 patients, 37 patients were followed with KRG. Five had diabetes, 5 hypertension, 5 hypercholesterolemia, 6 low testosterone, 6 psychogenic, and 11 idiopathic. The improvement after KRG administration was $70.2\%$ on objective questionnaire and $75.7\%$ on subjective analysis. When KRG were given, all parameters surveyed have shown improvements compared to the placebo. The effects of KRG in Chinese and Singapores were similar to the Koreans. Serum testosterone levels were nonnalized in 6 patients with KRG, who's serum testosterone levels were reduced from pre-study. Two patient reported constipation, and 2 gastric upsets in the KRG group. In conclusion, KRG has beneficiary action on male erectile capabilities with little side effects. KRG is effective in Koreans and also Asians. The exact action mechanism and the active ingredients in KRG need to be studied.