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1. Regioselective Synthesis of Z-Aldoximes Catalyzed By H3PMo12O40 under Solvent-Free Conditions

Hossein Eshghi;Mohammad Hasan Alizadeh;Ehsan Davamdar;
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society, vol. 52, iss. 1, 2008, pp. 52-56
2. Stereospecific Synthesis of Novel (Z)-β-Fluoro-\beta-trifluoromethyl-α-phenylvinylastannane and Its Cross-Coupling Reactions with Aryl Iodides

Jeong, In-Howa;Kim, Myong-Sang;Park, Young-Sam;
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, vol. 23, iss. 12, 2002, pp. 1823-1826
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