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1. The Synthesis of Eu3+ Doped with TiO2 Nano-Powder and Application as a Pesticide Sensor

Fei Yao;Yang Sun;Chunlei Tan;Song Wei;Xiaojuan Zhang;Xiaoyun Hu;Jun Fan;
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society, vol. 55, iss. 6, 2011, pp. 932-935
2. Development of an ELISA for the Organophosphorus Insecticide Chlorpyrifos

Cho, Young Ae;Lee, Hye-Sung;Park, Eun-Yeong;Lee, Yong-Tae;Hammock, Bruce D.;Ahn, Ki-Chang;Lee, Jae-Koo;
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, vol. 23, iss. 3, 2002, pp. 481-487
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