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1. Synthesis and Characterisation of Hole Transporting Materials Based on N,N,N-Tris-[4-(Naphthalen-1-yl-phenylamino)Phenyl]-N,N,N-Triphenylbenzene-1,3,5-Triamine

Siji Mathew;Karickal R. Haridas;
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society, vol. 54, iss. 6, 2010, pp. 717-722
2. Synthesis and Characterization of Bifunctional Organic-Glasses Based on Diphenylhydrazone and Barbituric Acid Derivative for Photorefractive Application

Lee, Sang-Ho;Choi, Chil-Sung;Kim, Nak-Joong;Choi, Dong-Hoon;Park, Ki-Hong;
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, vol. 24, iss. 12, 2003, pp. 1793-1798
3. Microstructural Characteristics of the Fuel Cladding Tubes Irradiated in Kori Unit 1

Kim H.G.;Baek J.H.;Lee M.H.;Chun Y.B.;Jeong Y.H.;
Nuclear Engineering and Technology, vol. 35, iss. 5, 2003, pp. 471-481
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