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Reason to publish with KPubS
KPubS ( is a scientific online publication service that publish peer-refereed review articles which are regularly updated. The KPubS journals are published in cooperation with learned societies in Korea. Research articles published in KPubS's journals are freely available online to the entire global research community. They are available via KPubS's website as well as in many other major international archives such as WorldWideScience, Asia Science and Technology Portal, and Google Scholar.
Software Development & Publication Platform
A software (ACOMS) has been developed to support the whole life cycle of a publication: from article submission, to peer-review, processing, publication, and later on maintenance of updates. A central publication platform containing web server, database server, and repositories is available.
DOI-related Services
KISTI (Korea Institute Science and Technology Information), the owner of KPubS, has been participating in CrossRef since 2007 as a sponsoring member, which executes DOI works for Korean journal publishers or learned societies. In addition, KISTI has joined the CrossRef cited-by linking service, enabling authors to get a list of cited articles since 2009, and has applied it to scholarly information services which include the landing (or response) pages of Korean DOI journal papers.
Full-Text XML support
Full-text articles of KPubS journals are serviced in HTML based on JATS 1.0 XML DTD as well as PDF. KISTI supports journal publishers in transforming a PDF full-text into XML format.
High visibility and international readership
Our open access policy ensures high visibility and maximum exposure for your work - anyone with online access can read your article.
Included in all major bibliographic databases
All articles published in KPubS journals are included in many bibliographic databases so that your work can be found easily and cited by researchers and clinicians around the world.
Promotion of your articles
Articles are widely promoted through email updates, table of contents, email alerts, postings on the KPubS homepage, and press releases to the general and scientific press - all resulting in increasing levels of accesses for each article. You can also promote your article via your own email lists, online links, listserves, distribution at conferences and any other innovative techniques you wish to adopt.