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Reason to publish with KPubS
If a society (or institute or organization) want to publish its journal(s) with KPubS, please fill out the attached excel sheet and send it to us using The content of the excel sheet will be used while the KPubS advisory committee select journals to be published with KPubS.
Before applying to KPubS, please check the followings:
- KPubS journals should be published by societies or non-profit organizations.
- KPubS journals should adopt a manuscript guideline having the level of an international journal indexed in WOS or SCOPUS.
- KPubS journals should be peer-reviewed.
- KPubS journals should not publish less than 20 articles per year.
- KPubS journals should be open access and DOI journals.
For more information, feel free to contact us.
Tel : +82-2-3299-6028