Optimal Switching Frequency in Limited-Cycle with Multiple Periods
Optimal Switching Frequency in Limited-Cycle with Multiple Periods
Industrial Engineering and Management Systems. 2012. Mar, 11(1): 48-53
  • Published : March 01, 2012
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Sun Jing
Yamamoto Hisashi
Matsui Masayuki
Kong Xianda

Due to the customer needs of reducing cost and delivery date shorting, prompt change in the production plan became more important. In the multi period system (For instance, production line.) where target processing time exists, production, idle and delay risks occur repeatedly for multiple periods. In such situations, delay of one process may influence the delivery date of an entire process. In this paper, we discuss the minimum expected cost of the case mentioned above, where the risk depends on the previous situation and occurs repeatedly for multiple periods. This paper considers the optimal switching frequency to minimize the total expected cost of the production process. In this paper, first, the optimal switching frequency model is proposed. Next, the mathematic formulation of the total expectation is presented. Finally, the policy of optimal switching frequency is investigated by numerical experiments.