Development of Animation Materials for a Unit related to
Development of Animation Materials for a Unit related to
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society. 2002. Oct, 46(5): 456-465
  • Published : October 20, 2002
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Baek, Seong Hui
Kim, Jin Gyu

The purpose of this study was to investigate the educational effects of an animation materials developed with the macroscopic particle moving sight. The 11 animations developed by the researchers showed the movements of molecules, ions, and electrons. The materials were developed for teachers to use when they taught "electrochemical cell' unit. The subjects were 151 students of 9th grade who were divided into the experimental and control group and were taught during 16 hours. In order to figure out the characteristics of each student before the instructions, a short-version GALT(Group Assessment of Logical Thinking) and the pretest of conceptions were carried out. After the instructions, students tested 3 types of exam; the posttest of conceptions, attitude test connected with science, cognition test. After 4 months later, students tested the posttest of conceptions agin for long-term memory effect. It was found that the exper-imental group using the developed animation materials had significantly higher scores of conceptual understanding than control group. The experimental group had also significantly higher scores of the long-term memory test and attitude test than control group. The results mean that animation materials which shows the macroscopic particle movement help stu-dents to understand scientific concepts and to elevate interests.
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