Analysis of Microcystins(LR, YR and RR) in Water
Analysis of Microcystins(LR, YR and RR) in Water
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society. 2001. Dec, 45(6): 524-531
  • Published : December 00, 2001
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Park, Kwan Su
Bae, Jun Hyun
Gang, Jun Gil
Kim, Youn Doo

Micro-HPLC/IS/MS after solid phase extraction has been employed to enhance the accu-racy in the determination of toxic microcystins, such as microcystin-LR, -YR and -RR. The absorbance at 238 nm in HPLC/UV and characteristic spectra of 135 m/z and $>[M+H]^+$ m/z in MS have been widely monitored to identify those microcystin-LR, -YR and -RR. In this study, new lines at 507 m/z for LR, 520 m/z for RR and 532 m/z for YR have been additionally detected in the micro-HPLC/IS/MS spectrum, corresponding to double charge. The micro-HPLC/IS/MS methodology has been applied to investigate the presence of the toxic microcystins in Taecheong lake.