Studies on the Analytical Methods of Coal Ash
Studies on the Analytical Methods of Coal Ash
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society. 2000. Dec, 44(6): 563-572
  • Published : December 00, 2000
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Park, Hyun Joo
Kim, Kyeong Sook
Yang, Seug Ran
Lee, Gae Ho

The analysis of coal ash is very important to predict some factors, such as slagging and fouling in the boiler, and to determine optimum mixing ratios of the each coals used. In ASTM, the analysis of coal ash is clarified to use lithium metaborate (LiBO$_2$) as a fluxing agent and then to analyze the pre-treated samples using AAS. However, it takes too much time and efforts to analyze many samples by ASTM method, as a result, this method is not proper in our laboratory in charge of analyses of all power plants. So we tried to establish more convenient and accurate analytical method of coal ash by 3 different methods which are 2 different pre-treatment methods (fusion dissolution and microwave digestion) and XRF analysis method using a clear pellet. Although all 3 methods can be utilized to analyze the major elements of coal ash, each method has its own characteristics, therefore, each method should be chosen according to its own purpose.