Quantitative Analysis of Silicone Oil in Antifoaming Agent
Quantitative Analysis of Silicone Oil in Antifoaming Agent
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society. 2000. Aug, 44(4): 337-342
  • Published : August 00, 2000
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Kim, Kyeong Sook
Yang, Seug Ran
LIm, Chun Sik
Park, Hyun Joo

Many kinds of experiments were performed for the quality control of antifoaming agents used in thermal power pIants of KEPCO. We tried to establish more convenient ans more accurate quantitative analytical method to determine the amount of silicone oil in silicone oil type antifoaming agent regardless of the amount and/or the type of involved surface active agents. First, the amount of silicone oil was measured by gravimetric method or centrifugal method using very simple apparatus, and then was compared to the results of FT-lR spectroscopy. The centrifugal method was turned out a poor method depending upon the recovery test and virtual experiments. Some antifoaming agents showed very similar results between gravimetric method and spectroscopic methods, and the others gave very different results. We concluded that FT-lR spectroscopy is the most convenient and reliable methodto determine the amounts of silicone oil in the antifoaming agents.