Analysis of Problems in Researches Related to Students' Conceptions of Middle School Chemistry
Analysis of Problems in Researches Related to Students' Conceptions of Middle School Chemistry
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society. 1999. Jun, 43(3): 328-339
  • Published : June 00, 1999
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About the Authors
Park, Eun Hee
Kang, Dae Hun
Paik, Seoung Hey
Park, Kuk Tae
Kim, Hye Gyeng
Chae, Woo Ki
Kwon, Gyun

This study was to clarify the problems of questionnaires related to misconception researches of middle school chemistry and to prepare a ground for the correct misconception research for students. For these purposes, the questionnaires of the misconception researches related to chemistry in middle school were analyzed, and the mistakes of the questions which were used in 7th grade students were found, based on a definition of misconceptions in this study. Also, the errors in contents of the questionnaires were indicated. The results of the analysis revealed that most of the 7th grade students did not have misconceptions contrary to some of the previous researches conclusions. They only had no conceptions related to the contents. In order to support this analysis, two different questionnaire sets (questionnaire set A and B) for 182 7th grade students were used. After obtaining similar results to those of the previous researches by the questionnaire set A, the students' thoughts were examined by the questionnaire set B. From the results of this study, the correct answer rates of subjective questions were very low compared with those of objective questions in the questionnaire set A for 7th grade students. It was hard to find consistency among the results of the researches using the questionnaire set A. And many contents of the questions consisted of the questionnaire est A were not consisted with a definition of misconceptions. There were errors in the contents of the questions, too. The students classified as the havingscience-concepts group and the having-misconceptions group by the questionnaire set A were classified as the having-no-concepts group by the questionnaire set B.