Determination of Glucose Using Enzyme Immobilized Membrane
Determination of Glucose Using Enzyme Immobilized Membrane
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society. 1999. Jun, 43(3): 264-270
  • Published : June 00, 1999
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Kim, Im Ok
Kwak, Gyeong Do
Ha, Yun Sik
Kwon, Hyo Sik
Seo, Mu Ryong

Enzyme electrodes for amperometric measurement of glucose were prepared by immobilization of glucose oxidase on an Immobilon-AV Affinity membrane and attachement to a Pt electrodes. The electrochemical oxidation of Hz02 was monitored at +0.8V vs. Ag/AgCl. Response was linear from 0.2 mM to 20mM. The detection limit was 10m3 mM. Response time, the optimum pH and life time of enzyme immobilized membrane was 12 seconds, pH 5.5(CH3COONaJCH3COOH) and about 27 days, respectively. When the enzyme electrode was applied for the determinaion of glucose with amperometric method, other physiolosical materials have not interfered. Also, we compared the result with that from AOAC(Association of Offical Analytical Chemists) method, measuring the glucose in sweet potato. The relative error was 0.1%.???????????????6?????K?޿???????????