Preconceptions of Middle School Students Related to
Preconceptions of Middle School Students Related to
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society. 1999. Apr, 43(2): 213-224
  • Published : April 00, 1999
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Paik, Seoung Hye
ang, Dae Hun
Kim, Hye Kyong
Chae, Woo Ki
Kwon, Kyoon

Preconceptions of middle school students related to chemical change the students are surveyed. The students are divided into experimental group that are learned by concept change theory teaching model, and control group that are learned by traditional teaching method based on science textbooks. After the planned classes, the tendencies of concept change of the two groups according to students learning motivations are analyzed. New teaching methods, which based on concept change learning model and students learning motivations, developed by this research. And the effects of the new teaching method are testified. As a result, it is proved that most of the students have a lot of preconceptions, and persist the wrong conceptions after the classes. This tendency is same in the control group and in the experimental group.???