Photoluminescence Properties of <TEX>$Zn_{2-x-y}SiO_4:Mn_x,\;M_y$</TEX> Phosphors
Photoluminescence Properties of $Zn_{2-x-y}SiO_4:Mn_x,\;M_y$ Phosphors
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society. 1999. Apr, 43(2): 206-212
  • Published : April 00, 1999
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About the Authors
Cho, Bong Hyun
Sohn, Kee Sun
Park, Hee Dong
Chang, Hyun Ju
Hwang, Taek Sung

The main objective of the present investigation is to improve the photoluminescent performance of existing $Zn_2SiO_4:Mn$ phosphors by introducing a new co-dopant. The co-doping effect of Mg and/or Cr upon emission intensity and decay time was studied in the present investigation. The co-dopants incorporated into the $Zn_2SiO_4:Mn$ phosphors are believed to alter the internal energy state so that the change in emission intensity and decay time can be expected. Both Mg and Cr ions have a favourable influence on photoluminescence prpperties, for example, the Mg ion enhances the intensity of manganese green emission and the Cr ion shortens the decay time. The enhancement in emission intensity of $Zn_2SiO_4:Mn,\;Mg$ phosphors was interpreted by taking into account the result from the DV-X${\alpha}$ embedded cluster calculation. On the other hand, the energy transfer between Mn and Cr ions was found to be responsible for the shortening of decay time in$Zn_2SiO_4:Mn,\;Cr$ phosphors.