Electrochemical Properties of Polypyrrole/Polyfuran Polymer Composite Electrode
Electrochemical Properties of Polypyrrole/Polyfuran Polymer Composite Electrode
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society. 1998. Dec, 42(6): 664-671
  • Published : December 00, 1998
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Cha, Seong Keuck

Poly pyrrole polymer(ppy) has an excellent electrical conductivity and can be easily polymerized on anode to give various morophology according to doped anion on electroactive sites. To improve the properties of brittleness, ageing and hydrophobisity, poly furan polymer(pfu) having a high initiation potential was anodically implanted in this porous ppy film matrix to get the Pt/ppy/pfu(x)type of polymer composite electrode. Cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance methods were used to these electrode, where $PF_6^-,\; BF_4^-$, and $ClO_4^-$ ions were employed as dopants. The composition of the pfu(x) at the electrode was changed from 0 to 1.10, but the range was useful only at 0.1 to 0.2 as the redox electrode. The polymer composite electrode doped with $PF_6^-$ was better in charge transfer resistance by a factor of 40 times and in double layer capacitance by a factor of 20 times than others. The charge transfer in the polymer film of the electrode was influenced on frequency change and equivalent circuit of this electrode had Warburg impedance including mass transfer.