Cycle Performances of Spinel-type <TEX>$Li_xMn_2O_4$</TEX> in 4V Lithium Rechargeable Cells
Cycle Performances of Spinel-type $Li_xMn_2O_4$ in 4V Lithium Rechargeable Cells
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society. 1998. Feb, 42(1): 122-134
  • Published : February 00, 1998
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Jang, Dong H.
Oh, Seung M.

In this review, we describe the electrochemical properties of spinel-type lithium manganese oxides $(Li_xMn_2O_4)$ and their failure modes encountered in 4 V lithium rechargable cells. The long-term cyclability (reversibility) of spinel electrodes is determined partly by the purity, size and distribution of spinel particles, and also by the microstructure of electrode plates. A proper selection of electrolytes is another important task in cyclability enhancements. In the spinel preparation, impurity formation and cation mixing should be minimized. The carbon content in composite cathodes should also be minimized to the extent where the cell polarization does not bring about adverse effects on cell performances. The binder content should be optimized on the basis of dispersion of component materials and mechanical strength of the plates. Cathodic capacity losses arising from solvent oxidation and spinel dissolution can be mitigated by using electrolytes composed of carbonates and/or fluorine-containing lithium salts. The carbon additives may be selected after a trade-off between the cell polarization in composite cathodes and the solvent oxidation on carbon surface.