Modified Sol-Gel Processing for Titanium Disulfide
Modified Sol-Gel Processing for Titanium Disulfide
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society. 1997. Mar, 41(3): 130-137
  • Published : March 00, 1997
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Go, Yong Bok
Bae, Young Je
Chae, Hee K.

Powders and thin-layers of a hexagonal titanium disulfide phase have been successfully prepared by modifying the sol-gel process. The reaction of titanium isopropoxide with hydrogen sulfide causes the precipitation of a precursor which was converted to the disulfide on heat-treatment in $H_2S$ at various temperatures depending on the solvent adopted, whereas that of titanium 2-methoxyethoxide with $H_2S$ produces a stable solution which was spin-casted onto silicon substrates followed by thermolysis to give thin films. Upon heat-treatment in $H_2S$, the disulfides show interesting morphological variations in the form of their powders and thin films, which were characterized by SEM and X-ray diffractometer.