A Newer Short Synthesis of dl-Muscone(Ⅰ)
A Newer Short Synthesis of dl-Muscone(Ⅰ)
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society. 1996. Apr, 40(4): 243-248
  • Published : April 00, 1996
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Im, D.S.
Shin, D.H.
Park, D.K.

New routes have been developed for the practical syntheses of dl-Muscone(1) employing cyclopentadecanone(2) as the starting material. In this experiment, addition of bromine to cyclopentadecanone in dried E. Ether solution with a trace of $AlCl_3$ as the catalyst were produced 2-bromocyclopentadecanone(3). This process was enhanced formation of regioselective enolate anion at $C_2$ position. 2-Bromocyclopentadecanone was put into $Li_2CO_3$-LiBr-DMF solution at 140��150$^{\circ}C$, were produced trans- and cis-2-cyclopentadecen-1-one(4) mixture. Other by-products were reduced by control of reaction temperature and time. Trans- and cis-2-cyclopentadecen-1-one(4) mixture was directly put into dried E. Ether solvent and induce to react dropwise with $CH_3MgBr-Cu_2Cl_2$ complex, all of them got into 1,4-addition, dl-Muscone (1) was formed as the result. Conculsion, through three steps procedure from cyclopentadecanone(2) to dl-Muscone(1), the pure dl-Muscone was obtained with the high proportion of 85%, and synthetic cost was able to be much lower than any other conventional methods as there were no chemical separating steps.