Multidimetional Uniform Semiclassical (WKB) Solutions for Nonseparable Problems
Multidimetional Uniform Semiclassical (WKB) Solutions for Nonseparable Problems
Journal of the Korean Chemical Society. 1978. Aug, 22(4): 202-220
  • Published : August 30, 1978
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Eu, Byung C.

Uniform semiclassical (WKB) solutions are obtained for nonseparable systems without using a close coupling formalism and are given explicitly in terms of well known analytic functions for various physically interesting and realistic cases. They do not become singular at turning points or surfaces and when taken in their asymptotic forms, they reduce to the usual WKB solutions that could be obtained if the Stokes phenomenon was properly taken care of for solutions. In obtaining such uniform solutions, the Schroedinger equations for nonseparable systems are suitably "renormalized" to solvable "normal" forms through certain transformations. Ehrenfest's adiabatic principle plays an important guiding role for obtaining such "renormalized" uniform solutions for nonseparable systems. The eigenvalues of the Hamiltonian can be calculated from the extended Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization rules when appropriate classical trajectories are obtained. An application is made to many-electron systems and for one of the simplest examples to show the utility of the method the approximate wavefunction is calculated of the ground state helium atom.