A Clinical Case Report of Soeumin Patient with Chronic Hand Eczema
A Clinical Case Report of Soeumin Patient with Chronic Hand Eczema
Journal of Sasang Constitutional Medicine. 2021. Sep, 33(3): 161-170
  • Received : August 12, 2021
  • Published : September 30, 2021
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Lee, Jiyeon
Lee, Min-jung
Hwang, Min-woo

Introduction Hand eczema is dermatitis that occurs on the hand and fingers. In this case, the patient had chronic hand eczema that had relapsed for 3 years, worsened for 6 months, and did not improve even with standard dermatological treatment. We report significant improvement of the patient with chronic hand eczema, diagnosed with Soeunmin Greater Yin Symptomatology based on Sasang Constitutional Medicine. Methods We prescribed herbal medicine, Sibimigwanjung-tang(十二味寬中湯), and the western medications were continued throughout the treatment period. To evaluate the treatment progression, we observed objective and subjective symptoms and took pictures of the patient's hands. Results At the first time of the outpatient visit, the patient complained of pain, oozing, scaling and severe itching even though she had taken dermatological medication for over 6 months. After 8 weeks of Korean medicine treatment, most symptoms showed improvement, and after about 47 weeks of treatment, the symptoms maintained 90% improvement even after stopping western medications and herbal medications. Conclusion The patient in this case showed a significant improvement of chronic hand eczema and the improvements have been maintained even stopping western medications and herbal medications during follow-up for 15 weeks. In addition, the patient showed improvement and maintenance of general conditions as well as skin-related symptoms. In this case, we can concern the effect of the Sasang Constitutional Medicine focused on treating the patient's general pathology as well as the patient's chief complaint at chronic hand eczema not responding to standard dermatological treatment.
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