The Web Application of Integrated Sasang Constitutional Diagnosis β-version
The Web Application of Integrated Sasang Constitutional Diagnosis β-version
Journal of Sasang Constitutional Medicine. 2012. Mar, 24(1): 13-20
  • Published : March 31, 2012
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About the Authors
Jin, Hee-Jeong
Kim, Jang-Woong
Kim, Young-Su
Lee, Si-Woo
Jang, Eun-Su

1. Objectives : It is very important to classify people into Sasang constitution correctly in SCM. There have been many researches for this and several tools have been developed for diagnosis of Sasang constitution. In our study, we introduce a new web application for Integrated Sasang Constitutional Diagnosis (ISCD) ${\beta}$-version and algorithm on the base of face, body shape, voice and questionnaire. 2. Development : The web application of ISCD ${\beta}$-version was designed to be used easily for subject, staffs, and oriental medical doctors. For this purpose, we developed a web-application of Integrated Sasang Constitutional Diagnosis ${\beta}$-version using mysql database, tomcat web system, JSP, JAVA, and C++ languages. 3. Current State : The ISCD ${\beta}$-version could be accessed at The ISCD ${\beta}$-version consisted of 3 parts, for staffs, subject and oriental medical doctors. The system has been managed since February 2011. Currently 7 oriental hospitals have used the system and 1,439 subjects have been diagnosed by the system. 4. Conclusion and future work : Although many researchers have tried to develop a system or an algorithm for diagnosis of subject's constitution, we could have not used the system based on objective information of human body type, characters, symptoms. In this study, we describe a web application of objective diagnosis algorithm as ISCD ${\beta}$-version. This system may help an oriental medical doctors to make a decision of Sasang constitutional diagnosis easily and correctly.
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