A Case Report of Soeumin Tidal Fever Patient with Pelvic Pain
A Case Report of Soeumin Tidal Fever Patient with Pelvic Pain
Journal of Sasang Constitutional Medicine. 2011. Jun, 23(2): 254-262
  • Published : June 30, 2011
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About the Authors
Kim, Min-Ji
Bae, Hyo-Sang
Park, Seong-Sik

1. Objectives: We report a case of Soeumin tidal fever patient presenting with pelvic pain who was successfully treated with Sasang therapy. The purpose of this case is to report that a Soeumin patients with tidal fever and pelvic pain who improved with Sasang Constitutional treatment 2. Methods: We treated a female Soeumin patient presenting with tidal fever and pelvic pain. We prescribed Palmulgunja-tang(�ڪ�����) for her symptoms. Body temperature and physical symptoms were measured to assess improvement. 3. Results: The Soeumin patient's fever and pain improved with a dramatic drop in the highest body temperature from $39.1^{\circ}C$ to $36.6^{\circ}C$. Activities of daily living(ADL) improved from bed ridden to independently ambulatory state. 4. Conclusions: This case study shows that Palmulgunja-tang was in effective treating tidal fever and pain in this Soeumin patient.