Research about The Discourse on the Constitutional Symptoms and Diseases on The DongyiSuseBowon Gabobon
Research about The Discourse on the Constitutional Symptoms and Diseases on The DongyiSuseBowon Gabobon
Journal of Sasang Constitutional Medicine. 2002. Apr, 14(1): 34-50
  • Published : April 30, 2002
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Park, Seong-Sik
Han, Kyung-Suk

1. Background and Purpose At the year of 2000, the society of sasang constitutional medicine acqired ${\ulcorner}$HamsanSachon DongyiSuseBowon GoboGubon${\lrcorner}$ which is presumed as the copy of ${\ulcorner}$GoboGubon${\lrcorner}$. According to Lee Sung-Su who is the great-grandson of DongMu's older brother, $[\ulcorner}$HamsanSachon DongyiSuseBowon GoboGubon${\lrcorner}$ was worked by Lee Jin-Yoon who is the grandson of DongMu's older brother and it was copied by Han Min-Gab and now is owned by Lee Sung-Su who is the son of Lee Jin-Yoon. 2. Method This paper was written in order to understand the character of the discourse on the constitutional symp toms and diseases of ${\ulcorner}$HamsanSachon DongyiSuseBowon GoboGubon${\lrcorner}$. 3. Result and Conclusion 1) Each constitutional symptoms and diseases is classed as that of exterior and interior and then classsed again as that of exterior's exterior, exterior's interior, interior's exterior and interior's interior. 2) The degree of completion is high at the chapter of Soeumin and Soyangin comparing with that of Taeeumin and Taeyangin which don't exist as the contrasted explanation. 3) Soeumin's exterior-disease is divided Taiyang(����) and Yangmyung(��٥)'s disease by the sweating, that's interior-disease is same to Sinchukbon(������). BaboBon already have the concept of UlKwang(���) and mangYang(����), so the discourse on the constitutional symptoms and diseases of Soyangin is early establish comparing with other constitution. 4) The Cold and Hot, the constitutional symptoms and diseases, the disease theory of Soyangin can be accessible to opposite side of Soeumin's that. The disease of exterior's exterior is only explained abdominal pain and diarrhea without the concept of Mangeum(����) disease, but at the time of SinchukBon the concept of Mangeum-disease is invented. 5) There is many different with SinchukBon that the classification of symptoms and diseases of Taeeumin, and not mentioned the physiology and pathlogy of the airs and fluids metabolism. 6) Healthy Energy(��٤���) show us that JungKi(��Ѩ) is key-point of the utility of the symptoms and diseases.