A Bibliographical Research of The DongyiSooseBowon Gabobon
A Bibliographical Research of The DongyiSooseBowon Gabobon
Journal of Sasang Constitutional Medicine. 2001. Aug, 13(2): 94-109
  • Published : August 31, 2001
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Park, Seong-Sik
Han, Kyung-Suk

1. Background and Purpose ${\ulcorner}$DongyiSooseBowon${\lrcorner}$ is the book that was mixed ${\ulcorner}$GaboBon${\lrcorner}$ and ${\ulcorner}$KyungjaBon${\lrcorner}$ which was written by DongMu. But hardly any clause or text of the GaboBon excepting ${\ulcorner}$DongyiSooseBowon${\lrcorner}$ has been described. At the year of 2000, the society of sasang constitutional medicine acqired ${\ulcorner}$HamsanSachon DongyiSooseBowon GaboGubon${\lrcorner}$ which is seen as a written copy of ${\ulcorner}$GaboBon${\lrcorner}$. According to Lee Sung-Su who is the great-grandson of DongMu's older brother, ${\ulcorner}$HamsanSachon DongyiSooseBowon GaboGubon${\lrcorner}$ was worked by Lee Jin-Yoon who is the grandson of DongMu's older brother, and it was copied by Han Min-Gab and now is owned by Lee Sung-Su who is son of Lee Jin- Yoon. 2. Methods This paper was written in order to understand of ${\ulcorner}$HamsanSachon DongyiSooseBowon GaboGubon${\lrcorner}$ through the study to focus on the bibliographical character. 3. Result and Conclusion 1) It is reasonable that ${\ulcorner}$HamsanSachon DongyiSooseBowon GaboGubon${\lrcorner}$ had copied to the original ${\ulcorner}$DongyiSoose Bowon GaboGubon${\lrcorner}$ which was written by DongMu. 2) We can find the character of ${\ulcorner}$HamsanSachon DongyiSooseBowon GaboGubon${\lrcorner}$ as follows. (1) It has the table of contents, the definition of the number of the texts, and the article number of each texts. (2) ${\ulcorner}$KyungJaBon${\lrcorner}$ and ${\ulcorner}$SinchukBon${\lrcorner}$ has different number of the texts about ${\ulcorner}$The general remarks on the Soyangin${\lrcorner}$. (3) It is different with original ${\ulcorner}$GaboBon${\lrcorner}$ because of the extracting marks of the text. (4) It is supposed that it has the pares which was additionally or wrongly amended by someone. 3) We can consider that the character of original ${\ulcorner}$GaboBon${\lrcorner}$ which was written by DongMu from ${\ulcorner}$HamsanSachon DongyiSooseBowon GaboGubon${\lrcorner}$ as follows. (1) ${\ulcorner}$The Discourse on Nature and Order${\lrcorner}$${\sim}$${\ulcorner}$The Discourse on the Four Principles${\lrcorner}$ is original articles of ${\ulcorner}$GaboBon${\lrcorner}$. (2) The head title of${\ulcorner}$The Discourse on the Origin of Oriental Medicine${\lrcorner}$ was not in ${\ulcorner}$GaboBon${\lrcorner}$. (3) It is not clear whether ${\ulcorner}$The Discourse on the General Health Maintenance${\lrcorner}$ and ${\ulcorner}$The Discourse on Identifying Four Constitutions${\lrcorner}$ is original texts or amended texts of ${\ulcorner}$GaboBon${\lrcorner}$. So it is required more study about it.