The Study On The <TEX>${\ulcorner}DongMuYooGo{\;}YakSungGa{\lrcorner}$</TEX>
The Study On The ${\ulcorner}DongMuYooGo{\;}YakSungGa{\lrcorner}$
Journal of Sasang Constitutional Medicine. 2001. Aug, 13(2): 8-27
  • Published : August 31, 2001
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park, Seong-Sik

1. Purpose This paper was written in order to understand the concept of ${\ulcorner}$DongMuYooGo YakSungGa${\lrcorner}$ (����̺�� ���ʰ) which was descending as the material of Sasang pharmacology. So we are planning to make use of the fundamental material of the study on the Sasang Medications and Prescriptions. 2. Methods Through comparing each clause of ${\ulcorner}$DongMuYooGo YakSungGa${\lrcorner}$ on all the sasang -records, we understood that concept. 3 Result 1) ${\ulcorner}$DongMuYooGo YakSungGa${\lrcorner}$ of a literary work of DongMu(����) which contain special elucidative-method of herb-nature has 18 type of YakSungGa which explain each 27 herbs for the Taeeumin, Soyangin and Soeumin. The period of authoship is supposed to the time just before ${\ulcorner}$DongyiSuseBowon Gabobon${\lrcorner}$ (��������� ˣ����)(1894, DongMu 58 years old) or middle of fifties(53-57 years old). 2) YakSungGa of ${\ulcorner}$DongMuYooGo${\lrcorner}$ which is published by the BoGunsung(������) of North Korea is supposed to close to original type. The main meaning of that is the herb-nature which works on the weakst point of each Sasangin. And then the herbs were classfied by the diseases and symptoms possessing Bomyungjiju(��٤���), the herb's efficacy is explained at the each constitution. 3) The meaning of ${\ulcorner}$DongMuYooGo YakSungGa${\lrcorner}$ is exposure of the opinion of DongMu's early stage that proposed herb-nature which is applied to the principle of Jang(��) of Sasangin, reason and purpose to enact newly created prescriptios by the constitutional diseases and symptoms, and the compositional principle of newly created prescription. 4) The selection of herbs or cogution of herb-nature of DongMu's pharmacological opinion of his early stage was changed by accumulating clinical experience. So all the newly created prescriptios of ${\ulcorner}$DongyiSuseBowon${\lrcorner}$ could not be explained by only the herb and the herd-nature on ${\ulcorner}$DongMuYooGo YakSungGa${\lrcorner}$. Therefore the purpose of DongMu's YaksungGa is not explaining the symptoms in charge of each herb or classifying the herb by constitution, but offering the principle of composition of prescription of Sasang, from the necessary herb which possess and expand Bomyungjiju to nature of herb which is applied to the constitution for treating all the diseases and sypmtoms by the heavy or light and slow or speedy.