The Study about The Discourse on The Medications and Prescriptions on The DongyiSooseBowon Gabobon
The Study about The Discourse on The Medications and Prescriptions on The DongyiSooseBowon Gabobon
Journal of Sasang Constitutional Medicine. 2001. Aug, 13(2): 74-93
  • Published : August 31, 2001
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Park, Seong-Sik
Han, Kyung-Suk

1. Background and Purpose At the year of 2000, the society of Sasang Constitutional Medicine acquired ${\ulcorner}$HamsanSachon DongyiSooseBowon GaboGubon${\lrcorner}$ which is seen as a written copy of ${\ulcorner}$GaboBon${\lrcorner}$. According to Lee Sung-su who is the great-grandson of DongMu's older brother, ${\ulcorner}$HamsanSachon DongyiSooseBowon GaboGubon${\lrcorner}$ was worked by Lee Jin-yoon who is the grandson of DongMu's older brother, and it was copied by Han Min-gab and now is owned by Lee Sung-su who is son of Lee Jin-yoon. 2. Methods This paper was written in order to understand of the character of the discourse on the medications and prescriptions of the ${\ulcorner}$HamsanSachon DongyiSooseBowon GaboGubon${\lrcorner}$. 3. Result and Conclusion 1) Newly created prescriptions of ${\ulcorner}$GaboBon${\lrcorner}$ is composed of the 125 medications of Soeumin 46, Soyangin 36, Taeumin 29, Taeyangin 14. Regarding with that prescriptions, the average number of the medications per prescription is 9.3 and the average capacity of that is 42.6gram. 2) The experimental prescription is from ${\ulcorner}$GaboBon${\lrcorner}$. All the 37 prescriptions of ${\ulcorner}$Sanghanlon${\lrcorner}$ is found at the text of ${\ulcorner}$GaboBon${\lrcorner}$, and only 12 of 37 prescriptions of Traditional Medicine excepting ${\ulcorner}$Sanghanlon${\lrcorner}$ is described at the text of it. Hardly any case of treatment by Traditional Prescription can be found at the discourse on constitunal symptoms and diseases. 3) Only 13 of 69 newly created prescriptions is not prescribed at ${\ulcorner}$GaboBon${\lrcorner}$, and 7 of the 13 prescriptions don't have the symptom of charge also. 4) 6 prescriptions which are supposed to newly created prescriptions of ${\ulcorner}$The Discourse on Constitutional Symptoms and Diseases${\lrcorner}$ are not describe to the composition of medications. 5) All the newly created prescriptions of ${\ulcorner}$The General Remarks on the Soeumin${\lrcorner}$ of ${\ulcorner}$SinChucBon${\lrcorner}$ are to be regarded as GaboBon's.