The Study On The <TEX>${\ulcorner}Dongyi{\;}Sasang{\;}Shinpyun{\lrcorner}$</TEX>
The Study On The ${\ulcorner}Dongyi{\;}Sasang{\;}Shinpyun{\lrcorner}$
Journal of Sasang Constitutional Medicine. 2001. Aug, 13(2): 28-48
  • Published : August 31, 2001
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About the Authors
Park, Seong-Sik
Youn, Bo-Hyun

1. Background and Purpose Since ${\ulcorner}$Dongri Sasang Shinpyun${\lrcorner}$ was published in 1929, it had great effects on the publications related to Sasang Constitutional Medicine. However there had been no practical research or its applications about ${\ulcorner}$Dongyi Sasang Shinpyun${\lrcorner}$ at all in spite of its importance. So through the study on the ${\ulcorner}$Dongyi Sasang Shinpyun${\lrcorner}$ we highly intend to utilize the book. 2. Methods In this dissertation, you'll find our research of ${\ulcorner}$Dongyi Sasang Shinpyun${\lrcorner}$ regarding the author, the people who were involved in the publishing, the formations and the contents, our another research of ${\ulcorner}$Dongyi Sasang Shinpyun Chebang${\lrcorner}$(�����������۰) to make its medical characteristics and meaning clear. 3. Results and Conclusion 1) Won Chi Sang was Chang Bong Young's granduncle's son-in-law. Nam Dae-hee is suspected of Nam Tae-hee who lived in YeoJu Bam Gol at that time though, it's not certain. 2) ${\ulcorner}$Dongyi Sasang Shinpyun${\lrcorner}$ is consisted of two pans. ${\ulcorner}$The Internal part${\lrcorner}$ is the basic explanation and ${\ulcorner}$The External part${\lrcorner}$, is the prescriptions depending on the symptoms. ${\ulcorner}$Sasang Byunron${\lrcorner}$,(����ܪ��) is mostly that's for the explanations about analysis of Sasang Constitution. ${\ulcorner}$Sasang Kyunghum${\lrcorner}$(��������) is mainly it's for the prescriptions depends on Sasangin's symptoms. ${\ulcorner}$Sasang Kukyul${\lrcorner}$(����Ϣ��), ${\ulcorner}$Tong Sasang Changbu Sochaedo${\lrcorner}$(��������ݰ����), ${\ulcorner}$Tong Sasang Chunche Sosokdo${\lrcorner}$(���������������) are about the analysis of Sasangin's characteristics from metaphysical concepts to Changbustic concepts. In ${\ulcorner}$Sasangin oyak${\lrcorner}$(��������), among them, 10 types of medicines were categorized separately by constitutional difference in ${\ulcorner}$Dongui Sasang Shinpyun${\lrcorner}$ and ${\ulcorner}$Dongmu Youg${\lrcorner}$(�����;). The unique style of ${\ulcorner}$Dongyi Sasang Yongyak Huebun${\lrcorner}$(��������������) is originated from ${\ulcorner}$Bangyak Happyun${\lrcorner}$ ${\ulcorner}$Euibang Whaltu${\lrcorner}$(${\ulcorner}$۰����${\lrcorner}$${\ulcorner}$�۰����${\lrcorner}$), ${\ulcorner}$Whaltu Chimsun${\lrcorner}$,(${\ulcorner}$۰����${\lrcorner}$ ${\ulcorner}$��������${\lrcorner}$). 3) There are 293 prescriptions in ${\ulcorner}$Dongyi Sasang Shinpyun Chebang${\lrcorner}$. 36 out of 44 prescriptions in ${\ulcorner}$Gapont${\lrcorner}$(ˣ����) are quoted in ${\ulcorner}$kyunghumbang${\lrcorner}$. Therefore it could be very possible that those unknown prescriptions in ${\ulcorner}$Kyunghumbang${\lrcorner}$ can be from lee Je Ma. 4) We are assumed that ${\ulcorner}$Dongyi Sasang Shinpyun${\lrcorner}$ was made by some other doctors not from one single person, based on Lee Je Ma's prescriptions, after Lee Je Ma died. ${\ulcorner}$Dongyi Sasang Shinpyun${\lrcorner}$ is very different from ${\ulcorner}$Dongeyi Suse Bowon${\lrcorner}$, ${\ulcorner}$Dongmu Yougo${\lrcorner}$(�������). ${\ulcorner}$Chobonkwun${\lrcorner}$(������) by lee Je Ma since it was published for utilizing Sasang Constitutional Medicine and medical practice not for the basic principles of Sasang Constitution by Lee Je Ma. Therefore it could be highly possible to look over the spirit of Sasang Constitution by lee Je-ma.