A Case Report on the Ban-Chang-Byung of Taeumin
A Case Report on the Ban-Chang-Byung of Taeumin
Journal of Sasang Constitutional Medicine. 2001. Aug, 13(2): 190-193
  • Published : August 31, 2001
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Yang, Sang-Mook
Kim, Sun-Hyung
Kim, Dal-Rae
Yoo, Joon-Sang

A 33-year-old woman diagnosed as livedo reticularis came to this hospital on October 14th, 1995. She complained of cold feet, ulceration on both ankles at the first OPD visit. We have diagnosed as 'Taeumin Ban-Chang-Byoung'. And we have applied acupunctures(Auricular Acupuncture + Acupuncture) and herb durgs. Auricular acu-points are Heart, Lungs, Shenmen, Adrenal. Herb drugs are Yuldahansotang or Chengpesagantang. After 3 treatments, she felt her feet warm. After 32 treatments, ulceration has disappeared. Even though we can't say that Ban-Chang-Byoung is livedo reticularis. But we can assume that two are related on the basis of the context of 'Dongyisoosebowon'.