A study of constitution diagnosis using decision tree method
A study of constitution diagnosis using decision tree method
Journal of Sasang Constitutional Medicine. 2001. Aug, 13(2): 144-155
  • Published : August 31, 2001
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Lee, Yong-Seop
Park, Seong-Sik
Park, Eun-Kyung

By the increasing concern about Sasang Constitution Medicine, its practical use is considered very important in disease prevention and medical treatment. However, the method of constitution classification is depending on the doctor's clinical trials because of the lack of the objective test criteria. This study is trying to improve the objectiveness of diagnosis using a new statistical method, decision tree. Decision tree method-a classification technique in the statistical analysis- was used to analyze the result of QSCCII instead of using discriminant analysis. As a result, 16 among 121 QSCCII questions was selected as important questions and 21 terminal nodes was built to classify the constitution. Using only 16 questions shown in the result of decision tree, we can diagnose and interpret the constitution easily and effectively.