Research Trends in Library and Information Science in Bangladesh: An Analytical Study
Research Trends in Library and Information Science in Bangladesh: An Analytical Study
Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice. 2018. Jun, 6(2): 36-45
  • Received : January 29, 2018
  • Published : June 30, 2018
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Islam, Md. Shariful
Islam, Md. Nazmul
Mondal, Madhob

The utmost intention of this work is to identify various field areas which are most prevalent in library and information science education. The study also denotes the rate of tendency on the rapid growth and development of research production among information specialists in Bangladesh. In order to carry out the study, an extensive literature review was carefully done to collect the basic elements of research patterns. It is noted that in the period of 1980-2016, 200 articles were published in library and information science by Bangladeshi researchers in 62 journals. In this article a total of 200 articles were reviewed. The result of the present study shows that the ratio of female authors had fewer contributions than male authors did. The majority of articles were published from the United Kingdom. The study also shows that the largest numbers of articles (19 papers, 9.50%) were published in the Social Science Journal of the University of Rajshahi from Bangladesh. The paper also shows that about 71.50% of papers have been cited while 28.50% of papers did not receive any citation. The present research might be helpful for revealing the country's research trends in library and information science. However, this study may also inspire development of a subject-based indigenous database and can act as an important device for research scholars.